Urban Decay- 50 Mind Blowing Photographs to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

This post is dedicated to attention to detail. In order to be a good fiction writer- attention to detail is absolutely pertinent. If you’re writing a novel, you’ll want your descriptions of settings and where certain scenes take place to be intriguingly detailed, painting a clear picture for the reader. You want your details and insight to where things are taking place to transport the reader to another world. Now, I don’t necessarily mean literally- it doesn’t have to be some place other than earth, it can be something very common like a room- but make them feel like they’re in someone’s room they’ve never been in before. Every story is a different trip, and your attention to detail will be the determining factor on whether they take one or not.

If you’re having trouble finding descriptive words, here is a great website: http://www.kisd.org/khs/english/help%20page/Descriptive%20Words.htm

If you still need that extra push, consider these questions:

Why is this particular instance important? What were you doing?

What other things were happening around you? Is there anything specific that stands out in your mind?

Where were objects located in relation to where you were? How did the surroundings remind you of other places you have been?

What sights, smells, sounds, and tastes were in the air? Did they remind you of anything?

What were you feeling at that time?

Inspired by these photographs, I came up with a great way to tap into your creative side and make your descriptive detail flow right from your pen. Look at the 50 photographs I’ve posted below, and pick one. Now transpirt yourself back in time- or forward- and write a scene or story giving as much detail as possible. It can be from your point of view in the present or looking back- but just BE DESCRIPTIVE.

Link to the pictures: http://www.2expertsdesign.com/showcase/the-beauty-of-urban-decay-50-mindblowing-photography

Use the descriptive word list above if you get stuck and consider the following questions:

What was the view like outside the window? What trip you were on when you saw this picture? What happened right before this picture or right after? How did you get in that position/place? What did you feel when the sun hit that spot?  What did it smell like? What did this place mean 100 years ago compared to now? What took place in this picture? Did you know someone who used to live there? What were they like?

Share your descriptions in the comments and make sure to say which picture you chose! Happy Writing!


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