My Summer Makeup Must-Haves feat. Bobbi Brown

I’ve been gearing up for summer lately because Los Angeles is getting warmer and warmer, and this year I just feel like summer time couldn’t come fast enough! I know, I live in LA so what do I know about seasons – but to be fair I did spend time in NYC during the “polar vortex” (let’s just call it winter) and once I came back, I had had enough of winter for about the next year! So lately I’ve been on the hunt for new makeup to compliment that summer time look and I found the best products! I’ve always been a fan of Bobbi Brown ever since my mom startin using her line when I was younger. She always comes out with the best, natural, and fun color paletes! So today I’ll show you two products I know I will be wearing on a daily once summer hits.


First, is the long-wear cream shadow stick in Golden Pink which can be found here. Up until now I haven’t found a better cream shadow that stays on for so long! It glides onto the eyelids so smooth, it feels like butter! You can always add more shadow on top for a more bold look, or simply use as is, which I have a feeling I’ll be doing all summer because my eyeshadow can be done in 30 seconds and it will still make my eyes pop! I especially love this color because it will compliment my skin once I (hopefully) get bronze over the summer!

I also just got another one of Bobbi Brown‘s blushes in Nectar which can be found here. I loved this bright color for the summer time because of the way it looks against my skin. It makes my eyes pop and doesn’t make my look so tired! I guess it could be used for spring too but since LA jumps right into summer that’s what I’ll be using it for! 

cream shadow




blush blush1 w5


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